Youth on Boards and Commissions

The Chase Youth Commission (CYC) is a youth/adult partnership that works to engage and empower young people in the process of improving our community. Youth Commissioners serve as advisors to the Mayor and Spokane City Council as well as to Spokane County Commissioners. They are responsible for becoming knowledgeable about issues affecting children and youth and the resources currently available to them. The CYC works hand-in-hand with the Teen Advisory Council (TAC) to conduct events and projects that engage other youth in community improvement in partnership with adults who care. Recruitment is open for new CYC and TAC members. For an application or more details about CYC or TAC membership, responsibilities and meetings, email

In addition, the Chase Youth Commission collaborates with City of Spokane and Spokane County government officials to create opportunities for youth to serve on other city and county boards and commissions and assists in recruiting students to fill established youth positions. The Spokane region is one of the very few localities in the nation to provide youth the chance to serve on decision-making boards with adults. Inclusion of youth on boards and commissions is an integral part of creating a modern, vibrant, and innovative community in which to live. These opportunities provide youth perspective on a wide range of issues and give youth a voice in decisions that shape our entire community.

Teens are encouraged to apply for open youth positions on various City of Spokane and Spokane County Boards and Commissions. Email us to receive a current list of boards and vacancies available.  For questions or more information, contact Susan Nelson, Executive Director, at 509-999-9325 or

“Not only does the Commission give students vital and practical experience working on service projects, but it gives us the confidence to start and lead projects on our own.”